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Finding Your Style // 2022/04/19

You’re trying so hard to be ‘original’ you haven’t even made a start.

Quick bite: there’s no such thing as originality
(so stop worrying about it).
Not everything you make is going to be good.

The quicker you accept that, the quicker you can start making work that’s REALLY good.
So many people flit around, trying one new thing after the next.

They do this because they’re under the impression they have to know what they’re doing before they start.
They ‘don’t know what their style is’, so they whisper...

‘Hire me’

...and when they don’t have work, what do they do? Where are they? Are they still making new things?
The ‘successful’ creative gets on with it, because to them, the joy is in creating. The joy is in the struggle.

They self-initiate the next project.
The successful creative doesn’t wait for ‘inspiration’.

‘Inspiration’ is a load of huey.

Try something. Then, try the next thing.
Your first try failed? Start something new.

Now you know what NOT to do.

Those who live to see success aren’t those who never failed.
Let’s say the average person makes 1 thing a week.

You make 10.

1/10 of both your ideas is actually good.

In 1 week you’ve made more ‘good’ work then the average person has done in 10.
Those who live to see success are those who’ve failed more times than you’ve tried.