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Let Your Niche Find You // 2022/12/12

I was scrolling through Instagram this morning, and a post by Sun Yi caught my attention:

'Find Your Niche in 30 seconds'.

I recommend reading the post for yourself, but Sun believes if you 'give 110% to your current job and see what happens', you'll indirectly find your niche.

I agree, and I think I'd extend Sun's thought further:

As a guitar maker, I LOVED the high level of detail but enjoyed departing from tradition. Today, a high level of detail is integral to my work, and I know design rules well enough to break them.

As a cabinet maker on luxury yachts, I LOVED building stuff with my hands, but I was building someone else's dream. Today, I work for myself, and I still get to use my hands!

A couple of friends of mine opened a bakery on a shoestring budget in Korea, and I used my carpentry skills to fit out half the shop for them. I learned that, although I don't want to build somebody's dream for them, I DO enjoy helping others realise their dreams.

Today I work with many wonderful clients, all doing exciting things, as we help each other out in turn. I get to work with my hands to a high level of detail, but I can also throw the rule book out and make cool shit.

My 'niche' didn't come to me because I was looking for it. It came to me in ways I never could have anticipated. In ten years, it will look different again!