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Perfection was never the goal // 2023/01/16

Today's world is already so polished and 'perfect' that people don't crave that anymore.

People crave humanity. Imperfection.

AI is never going to replace artists because Al isn't human. Humanity is what we all respond to, so when an artist imbues a little of their personality in their work, it resonates with us on a level that machines simply can't.

You're a person. Artists are people. An artist doesn't move people by being 'perfect'; an artist moves people by revealing a little bit of their humanity and trusting others to respond to it with empathy.

People aren't moved by perfection. We're moved by someone else affirming the things we keep to ourselves because we're too afraid that if we share them with the world, the world will respond carelessly (but that's also why it's special when we find out we aren't alone in the way we think, feel or see).

This applies to business owners and entrepreneurs too.

If you're making something and sharing it with the world, what motivates you? Is it creating something that's beyond reproach? Something people can't find fault with?

I doubt it.

You make it and you share it because it's how you see the world, and you think that's cool, and you hope that other people will find it cool too.

Perfection was never the goal.