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Studio Guidelines // 2023/01/12

Rules of the studio:

1) Use your hands. If you must use digital tools, aim to reflect the physical world as closely as possible.

2[or 1.b]) ALWAYS use real photos or present on a white/grey background (NEVER stock photos of paper, mockups etc.).

3) Type is always black and white, and one of the 5 studio typefaces:

  1. (utility) Modular Houseplant
  2. (serif) Minion Pro
  3. (sans) Söhne Kräftig
  4. (contemporary) ITC Souvenir
  5. (Korean) IBM Plex Sans KR

4) Show your work - leave traces of your humanity.

5.a) K.I.S.S. - Strip away anything non-essential (no guff). A concept should excite you without adding to it.

5.b) No ornamentation. Never (ever) use drop shadows or effects on typography or images. If you have to resort to using drop-shadows your layout sucks.

6) Tidy your bench - put tools/books/resources away as you finish with them.

7) Always have a pen/pencil and notebook on hand.

8) Diagnose before you prescribe. DO NOT skip conceptualising or make arbitrary decisions - there’s no rush.

9) It’s ok to like an idea and leave it for someone else.

10) Prioritise sleep.

11) ‘[Own nothing] you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. - William Morris

12) Don’t feed the trolls - spend more time in the real world than you do online.

13) Give away (most of) your secrets.

14) Use no more words than you must.

Fewer words.