A product tag with June's logo printed on it

June's is a high-end coffee reseller based in Adelaide, Australia. Living by the motto 'Exceptional Coffee Only', we set out to design a logo (and essential brand identity materials) that's simultaneously luxurious and approachable.

Inspiration was drawn from luxury houses such as Hermēs (the apostrophe is the Hermēs accent rotated 90°) and the idea for the umbrella came from looking down at a Moka pot (the two top-views strike a startling resemblance). Colours, fonts, etc. have been kept very simple in order to highlight the core concepts of the brand identity, and so as to not detract from the artwork on the coffee bean bags or luxury merchandise.


Accessible & Exceptional
High end but not imposing

The type came second, and is custom made for this project. It's similar to the typefaces used by luxury brands such as Hermēs and Burberry, and is an intentional nod towards these icons.

A chainstitched white jacket
A minimalist business card
An unfinished artboard featuring work by other designers, concepts etc.

The process for coming to this logo was a little different to usual. In this case the concept came to me by chance; I just happened to be looking down at a Mock pot lid and, upon sketching it, discovered that it vaguely resembled an umbrella.

As always, June's concept was presented to the highest standard, with diagrams and mockups so that nothing is left up to the imagination.

Each aspect of the identity was carefully considered, bearing in mind scale, potential touchpoint, and many other aspects of a brand that make even a logo so much more than 'just a logo'.

A product tag with June's logo printed on itA product tag with June's logo printed on itA mockup showing slides from a presentation deck
June's brand logo in black and white
June's umbrella logo printed on a black store sign

The decision was made to keep the colour scheme as simple as possible: black and white. This not only serves to highlight the core graphic concepts of June's brand, but also means that June's branding doesn't distract from the artwork on the products they sell.

A minimalist white business card

The rough underline theme carries through all June's branding, adding an unexpected playful touch to an otherwise luxurious brand.

A minimalist billboard with June's logo and essential details printed on it

June's design language remains intentionally very simple, while continuing to submit to classical design principles such as the grid.

A product tag with June's logo printed on it

June's intentionally omits typography such as product details in order to allow space for hand-written touches.

A product tag with June's logo printed on it

Although June's is primarily a coffee bean reseller, they also have plans to branch out into luxury merchandise, including custom chain-stitched items.

A 3D model of an Umbrella store sign

3D mockups of the shop signage (by Lee Mirae) show how the logo remains recognisable without the wordmark present, and how the simple mono-linear design allows for 3D reproduction, for example as cut steel or welded steel bar.