Hughes & Co. is based in Cremorne, Victoria; we drew from local landmarks to inform the new brand identity. (Image courtesy of Vincent Quach)

The logo system omits the ampersand. In the case of business cards, for example, each stylist signs an ampersand on their card as they hand it to their client.

The staff t-shirts each have a unique felt patch sewn on the back. The material chosen for the patches is machine washable, and each t-shirt is unique.

Merch designs were also produced to be displayed and sold in store.

Hughes & Co. is a hip high-end cutting studio in Melbourne, Australia. They pride themselves on being gender-neutral, neither a barbershop nor a hair salon.

Josiah Goldsmith worked with Hughes & Co. to develop a brand identity that communicates these core values. The logo system changes every time it's reproduced; the ampersand is intentionally omitted from the wordmark(s) and a staff member fills in the space themselves. This acts as a finishing touch, whilst simultaneously communicating the fluidity and non-conformity at the heart of the brand.