Matilda's unique problem was that their existing facade was beginning to look a little tired and dated, but the establishment is a well-loved local landmark.European cafes were referenced for their timeless quality, being both historically appropriate and trendy & modern.(Image of Cafe de Flore, Paris, courtesy of Brian Lawrence)

We also looked to old shop signs and flour sacks, and found that the wonky hand-lettered feel lined up perfectly with Matilda's 'Salt of the Earth' mentality.Flour sacks, in particular, are of historical significance to Australia, having been a key export during the Great Depression, and the flour industry playing a substantial role in Australia's economic development.(Images courtesy of Jennifer Kennard and Marc Riboud).

The lettering design in use. A local signwriter was hired to reproduce the design directly on the brick facade, a further nod to local trade and historical craft.

Uniform (which doubles as merchandise) was designed to promote the brand locally.

Matilda's is a historic dining establishment in New South Wales, now brought up to date with a refreshed brand identity and environmental design.

Josiah Goldsmith was approached by the team at Matilda's to design a new identity that pays homage to the local eatery's history. The updated identity is historically sensitive, but also tongue-in-cheek; a true ‘salt of the earth’ establishment.