Inspiration for Resolution Kindness' logo was found in a 19th century type specimen (from Bodoni's specimen book) and an undated print advertisement for Lachaume, Paris (courtesy of la Musée de l'Imprimerie et de la Communication Graphique). These examples walk the line between corporate and creative, and served as inspiration for the lettering used in Resolution Kindness' logo.

A new typeface, Indescript Script, was developed for Resolution Kindness' accent typography (for example their tagline) drawing inspiration from the Palmer method of handwriting taught in schools in the late 19th century. Austin Palmer designed the self-named cursive hand as a simplified version of Spencerian. Following in the same vein, Josiah designed Indescript Script as a simplified, quirky alternative to Spencerian lettering.

For clarity and in order to ground the playfulness of Resolution Kindness' typography system, Modular Houseplant(designed in 2021 by Josiah Goldsmith) is implemented as the body and footnote font within the system.

Brand guidelines were produced as a booklet to be printed and distributed throughout the Resolution Kindness offices. The brand guidelines ensure the integrity of the brand is maintained through easy-to-follow instruction, from logo best practices to stock-photography guidelines.

Resolution Kindness

Resolution Kindness is a non-profit developing kindness in students, governments and businesses through continued character development.

Josiah Goldsmith worked with Resolution Kindness' team to develop a brand identity suitable for two target audiences; namely schools and corporations. This identity needed to be playful enough to appeal to a younger demographic, but versatile enough to be applied to professional letterheads, business cards, and other more corporate touchpoints.